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“TDD Simplified in 5 Steps”

9th March 2016 : Google Developers Reading – TDD Simplified in 5 Steps

26th May 2016 : London Javascript Community – TDD Simplified in 5 Steps

About ‘TDD Simplified in 5 Steps’

We often find ourselves following the practise of TDD because a guru or book said to. But how often do we truly feel that TDD is bringing us undeniable value?

If you find that your tests don’t give you high confidence, that they are difficult to read or that your application is too hard to test then this talk may be for you.

Pete will cover 5 easy to understand techniques that have been hard learned after countless projects experiencing both the success and failure of TDD. When utilised these steps will help you ensure a more rapid adoption of TDD with less overhead, higher quality and more enjoyment.